What Is The Expected Launch Price For Normanton Park?

Below is a chart extracted from Edgeprop, on the estimated breakeven price for Normanton Park. Base on the above estimate of $1448psf as the breakeven price, based on a 10% profit, the average psf will be $1592psf. Based on a 20% profit, the average psf will be $1737psf. Based on 30% profit, the average psf will be $1882psf. So, what will be possible launch price for Normanton Park? *Note: the above is an estimated project average, the smaller units will likely be sold at a higher psf.

Normanton Park Pricing - Estimated Breakeven Price

Are there any new launches around the vicinity of Normanton Park that we can compare?

First, Kent Hill Ridge Residences, located at South Buona Vista Road, is a new development by Oxley Holdings. The average selling psf was $1714 psf and during launch day, approximately 110 out of 250 released units were sold. This is reported by Edgeprop in November 2018. Based on Edgeprop, the estimated breakeven price was $1594 psf. This is higher than the estimated breakeven price for Normanton Park. Given the close proximity between these two projects, it is in my opinion that the pricing should be very close.

Its Not Always About Price

Buying a property is not always about price. Besides the entry price, other factors like location of the development, transportation, MRT, good potential for rental, future developments etc are equally important as well. For home-owners, schools, size of the unit, facilities in the development, layout etc are crucial in deciding which property suits your family needs. Read the facts sheet of Normanton Park.

Also Consider Your Exit Plan

Another important factor you will need to consider is, your exit plan or some people term it, exit strategy. Is it still possible to look at a 3-5 years’ time frame to sell your property from the time you buy it? Or is it more realistic in present market condition to set your investment timeline 5 years and beyond?


Many buyers feel that buying at todays’ price is very high. However, if we look back at buyers who bought New launches 5 years ago, they might have the same thoughts about the price 5 years ago. But now, many of them are earning good profits. And this is the reason why in my opinion, price alone cannot determine if this is a good investment or not. Location, Transportation and other factors are critical in ensuring your money is placed in a good investment property.

Normanton Park price is not released yet. There are also not any sign or indication of the pricing from Normanton Park developer Kingford Huray Development. To receive updates on pricing, you can register with us so we can keep you updates.

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